Monday, April 4, 2011

Can I Scan QR Codes Without A Smartphone?

Does it seem as if everyone in the world has a Smartphone except for you? Sure you've had your eye on that iPhone or the latest Android technology but you're not quite ready to make the leap to a sleek new app filled phone. Does that mean are left out of today's technology loop and won't be able to take advantage of accessing the links hidden in those QR Codes?


ScanLife has introduced technology that brings barcode scanning to all mobile phones with MMS capabilities, no application needed.

ScanLife's new "Scan & Send" feature supports application-independent scanning of QR Code, Datamatrix, EZcodes and UPC barcodes. Users can now simply snap a photo of a barcode and send it via MMS to 43588 or e-mail to to be decoded.

Images are decoded similar to applications for iPhone or Android apps but the user is sent an MMS message with actions associated with the code, including links to product information, photos and phone numbers.

According to ScanLife CEO and president Mike Wehrs, "Scanbuy's technology now allows a brand, agency or retailer to reach at least 80% of today's camera phone users with industry standard barcodes. The user experience now ranges from taking a picture and send it (a seven keystroke solution) to a zero click, very fast recognition when using the ScanLife app on the over 190 models of phones that are supported."

The only downside is that the Scan & Send MMS feature is limited to U.S. users on Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, though the e-mail option will still work for camera phone owners on other carriers.

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  1. awesome I put-off buying this for months, despite positive reviews. I tried every free weather app going and eventually decided to take the plunge. Glad I did - easily the most customisable weather widget and clock on caftan and the skins are awesome!