Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Cool To Be A Groupie

Welcome to the roll-out of the Spectra Print blog. Our goal at Spectra Print has always been to "provide our customers with high quality printed products and effective marketing solutions ..." In today's fast-paced, technology driven environment, it now includes incorporating social media into our customer's advertising arsenal.

The most frequently asked questions by our customers is, "I know about Facebook and Twitter but how is that going to help my company?" We recognize our clients uncertainty as to how to navigate the social media terrain; you know your destination but you are not sure how to get there. Technology seems to be evolving at a faster rate than our ability to grasp the lessons. While it may seem as if social media advertising has burst on the scene, we've been hearing the buzz for quite some time, incorporating social media into our long and short term company plans. The result is our formation of Spectra Group. We now can help our customers through the maze of social media information, providing them with innovation and creative solutions.

Our success is not measured merely by our presence on the social media scene; it is more than just creating Facebook pages and establishing Twitter accounts. We realize there are no "one size fits all" answers to social media questions. We are here to listen to your specific goals for your social media program and will help you obtain the results you are looking for.

Companies in today's highly competitive markets face unique challenges, something we understand. Spectra Print's commitment goes beyond its ability to help their clients online. Our staff regularly attends conferences and will be hosting a social media event in early spring. Social media is now part of our employee day to day activities and part of our entire agency culture.

Social media is always evolving and changing and is more than about making friendships and attaining numbers. We realize the value of building relationships with our clients, fans and followers and is more than just posting information.

We are excited about this new venture and being part of our client's team - the nice thing about a team is that you always have someone on your side. We invite you to join the group!

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