Friday, January 14, 2011

What Am I Looking At?

In addition to the introduction of the Spectra Print blog, Spectra Now, this week marks the roll-out of QR Codes at the All-Canada Show at Pheasant Run, St. Charles, IL. With the QR Code for the Spectra Print web site prominently displayed on the booth banner and on the newly designed business cards, Spectra Print is definitely causing quite a buzz at the All-Canada Show. Oh and did we mention the QR Codes on the shirts?

What is a QR Code? No, you are not looking for Elvis.

The unique bar code known as a QR or Quick Response code lets your customers - and potential customers - instantly learn more about your business by visiting a mobile version of your web site home, special landing page or blog via a QR code reader app on any smart phone.

The QR code could quite possibly become your business' new best friend. You may have seen QR codes scattered around and not known what they are; essentially they are a two-dimensional bar code but instead of being limited to storing numbers on groceries, QR codes are able to store things like strings of text, URL's, emails and much more.

Terrific. But what's the point and how is this going to help me?

Think about it this way. Nearly everyone has a smart phone and with a reader app, the phones have the ability to read the QR codes and instantly direct them to your specific page on the Internet. Imagine the response if your business' QR code was on your business card or to allow a potential client the opportunity to view a video about your business or a product review or to find a coupon or special offer?

The possibilities are endless!

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