Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Still Showing Off: Continuation of Booth Design

In our last post the topic of discussion was creating a booth environment that would give you an edge at your next show.

No one needs to tell you that your booth establishes your show presence and is the central element of how your company will be perceived.

Take a step back, so to speak, and look at your booth from the other side of the aisle. When considering your booth, Spectra Print's Marketing Director Al Scherwinski says, "An effective booth is one that conveys your company's product accurately, quickly and what benefit it brings to potential customers."

If A Picture Paints a Thousand Words ...

Then a booth filled with nothing but text won't grab anyone's interest, but a photograph will.

The use of photography should be a key element of your booth; showing your customers your "product" (even if the product is you!), matching the photography to the brand and conveying the intangible is best left to another post, one we will cover in the near future.

It Takes A Village To Create a Booth

Someone once described their decorating style as "Early Halloween." While it may be a amusing description for a family room, it shouldn't be the way customers see your booth display. Professional graphic artists are a necessity for insuring your booth will look professional and convincing. A good graphic designer can take your concept from a piece of paper and turn it into a compelling design that clearly conveys, in 30-seconds or less, what your products are and what they do.

There are many other factors to consider such as working chairs into the overall design of your booth so they are a part of the display and not a distraction. If you have product demonstrations or products that will be physically on display, you will need cases or a countertop to show them. Panels with laminates as an option or stand along acrylic cabinets can be integrated into the design.

Anyone can put together a show booth with a company logo, a couple of photographs and a stack of brochures and business cards. Creating a show environment that commands attention involves professionals with a solid strategy to help level the playing field.

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