Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We've Made Business Cards Smart!

With the recent advent and expanded use of QR codes and other mobile tags, it's now easier than ever to have smart business cards.

We've taken this technology and applied it to a staple of the business world, your business card, and made it 'smart.'

Is There An App For That?

Business cards printed with your personal contact information are made smart with the addition of a QR code directing your contacts to your company web site or blog as well as a QRV code to transfer your personal contact information. These are just two ways to upgrade your business card.

With a QR reader installed on a mobile phone, the images on your business card are instantly scanned and the information decoded as a link to a web site or in the case of the QRV code, your personal information.

In the image below, you'll see the decoded QRV code scanned from the front of the business card of Spectra Print Marketing Director Al Scherwinski, shown above:

It really is easy to be smart. Contact us for other options.

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