Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Social Media: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Bill Schrader is credited with saying, "Almost overnight, the Internet's gone from a technical wonder to a business must." 

During the last two years, businesses of all sizes and categories have come to the realization that social media is no longer something they can choose to engage in, having a social media presence is a requirement. As Facebook and Twitter begin to play a bigger part in the consumer experience, it's important that businesses understand how it can affect their business.

It wasn't very long ago that your customer's comments and complaints were limited to reviews on websites. In today's world, social media reaches far beyond the website into 'real time' customer experience. So how can a company use social media effectively to improve customer service? 

Why Should I Care?

The most important thing social media can do for a company is to allow you to monitor what's being said about your product and customer service. 

Social media sites create an environment for a business to engage in an open conversation. When a customer has left a comment on your Facebook page about a positive experience or encounter, take the time to thank them. Customers prefer to interact with a company that shows it is concerned and takes time to acknowledge a compliment.

Likewise, if someone tweeted about a problem with your products or service, your response may involve sending a direct message to the customer as well as a reply for others to see that you have read the comment, are concerned enough to continue the conversation in an effort to resolve the issue.

Using social media successfully will require effectively listening and engaging with your customers but goes beyond seeing what is being said about you and your services. It will allow you to better anticipate your customer's needs.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Spectra Print Corp Announces Launch of Wildwood Wildlife Park New Website Design

The new redesigned website of Wildwood Wildlife Park is live on the Internet with a new look and website structure that will brings a user friendly design with improved readability to the park's long-time and new guests.

"The new look is lighter and a lot more user-friendly than the old design," says Al Scherwinski, Spectra Print Corp. Creative/Marketing Director. "The site's design features vibrant colors and bold graphics, updated photographs increasing the fun factor which reflects the Wildwood Wildlife Park experience. Our Web site visitors are going to love it."

Among the features on Wildwood's homepage are the 'flash tracks' taking visitors quickly to Encounters and Hours & Tickets buttons.  The site is designed to provide quick and direct access to all of the resources guests to the park are looking for. "We wanted the site to reflect the park's dedication to providing their guests with up close and personal experience, interacting with the animals," says Scherwinski.

The new face of the Wildwood Wildlife Park website is the handiwork of the design and marketing department of Spectra Print Corp., Stevens Point, WI.

The online resources are as diverse as the friends and guests of the park; from the educational and volunteer opportunities offered to visitors to the special experiences guaranteed to create unforgettable memories the web site and the launched Wildwood Wildlife Park blog support of the park's mission to provide an exciting zoological collection and education facility for all visitors.

"The new design was created specifically for Wildwood Wildlife Park's online visitors," says Scherwinski. "We encourage guests to submit photos and videos. Current exhibits, news and stories will be constantly updated allowing guests to plan their visit to the park and make it a memorable experience."