Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Marketing Trends for 2019: Why You Should Include Print

Print marketing is enjoying an uptick in popularity at the moment and there are several trends in the print industry that is behind this resurgence.

The Return of the Print Newsletter
Cutting through the clutter and noise of the digital newsletter has led a Forbes commentator to suggest a return to print for corporation communication.

Niche Publications
Fine tuning digital advertising has been around since its inception; changing reading habits of the consumer has opened up an opportunity to fine tune target print advertising. 

Innovations in the Paper Industry
Varnish finishing, paper texture, foil and other textures have made an impact on consumers - and not just the ones who resist digital publications because they enjoy the sensory stimulation that a printed piece offers.

While personalization has been the hallmark of digital printing, publishers can take advantage of the opportunity to use subscription data to help brands tailor their message and personalize the content.

Image: local advertisingjournal.com