Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Avenue C: The Road to Employee Wellness

When it comes to our employees health we're all business. At the top of the list is diet. A nutritious diet is crucial to the health and well being of everyone.

At Spectra Print we strive to create a culture of wellness, one that focuses on helping our employees make and adopt a healthy lifestyle. There are mountains of studies that have been done over the years giving us statistics that show when we change our diet, become more active, avoid tobacco and enjoy alcohol in moderation, good things happen.

People who eat well, both on and off the job, become employees who feel better, have consistent increased energy, improve their mood and decrease levels of stress. The result is an engaged and productive employee.

Who knew that vending machines would be making a comeback in 2018?

No, we aren't talking about the vending machines that offer only one choice but rather a vending machine with health-conscious choices. Today, Avenue C, our new self-checkout micro-market, is an investment towards helping everyone at Spectra Print adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle by offering our employees, on every shift, multiple options when they need to rehydrate, refresh, and refuel.