Thursday, October 29, 2015

Large Format Printing and School Pride

As part of Spectra Print's comprehensive printing services, we also offer economical large format printing. A major market for large format printing is producing items that reinforce school pride and support for athletic programs. These products allow you to say it big and bold with signage as large as four by eight feet on rigid plastic, foam core, or metal. Signage on flexile mediums such as paper, canvas, window cling, and banner vinyl can be printed on sizes up to 63 inches tall by 150 feet in length!

We make it personal! Building a winning tradition of team spirit and pride to support your athletic programs.

Company co-owner and Executive Vice-President Hans Hofmeister recently said, "Yes! We make it personal. We take pride in manufacturing quality items that are not generic but are custom for your school or your athlete. Over the years I have bought many items for fundraising and the majority of these items I no longer have, or chose the “buy out" option. Why not purchase something that shows pride in your school and most importantly your child, and yes 15% of every purchase goes directly back to support your athletic program. These high quality items can be the perfect gift for your child, parents or grandparents. Your child has worked hard to make the team, it's time to show it off!"

Enjoy a winning season! Are you interested in what Spectra Print can do for your athletic program? Get more information on large format printing opportunities for businesses, schools, and special events by contacting Hans Hofmeister at 715-344-5175